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See the massive impact innovative housing associations are making in their community

Our Aspirations Partner Impacts

Here is a sample of how partnerships with Positive Footprints work flexibly for your housing association, no matter how big or small or wherever you are in the UK. See how your organisation can make big impacts for small investments, discover amazing social value opportunities and change the story for our future leaders. 

Harrogate Housing Association Impact Report

Harrogate Housing is an expanding housing association that operate in the Harrogate District.  They offer homes for rent and on a shared ownership basis. They deliver a personal and local service to help customers create homes near their family and place of work.

The Sovini Group Impact Report

The Sovini Group provides quality construction, property and facilities services to the public, not-for-profit and private sectors. We have a unique end-to-end service across the property and construction supply chain.

Become an Aspirations Partner

It’s easy, value for money and has great social impact.

1. Changing the story

Children that live in low-income homes are a third more likely to be NEET at age 16, and housing associations eventually spend over £60 million per year on employment and skills support for residents. That’s why innovative housing associations get our award-winning programmes into schools in their communities as they see the big picture.

2. Shaping our partnership

During our visioning session, we will help you to choose the primary schools that you want to work with and explore your desired level of involvement throughout the project. Some partners choose to take part in activities, others leave it entirely to us.

3. Inspiring children and young people

We will engage with and support the primary schools involved. Teachers will be raising aspirations, opening up the world of work and developing the skills young people need for the future.

4. Your impact in your communities

Get ready to see pictures and feedback from the exciting experiences you’ve created. On average you’ll inspire 37 young people per school. Each will meet 6 businesses, engage in 12 hours of careers-led learning and complete their very own aspirations portfolio. For every £1 invested, you’ll generate approximately £3.30 in social value.

5. Visualise what could happen next

Because of you, Eve took part in the raising aspirations programme and now sees a future filled with opportunities. This guides her decisions with attendance, grades and wellbeing at school all improving. Fast forward and Eve is the first in the family to go to university. Her best friend James is an apprentice at your organisation and you’ve just promoted him. He did the programme too. Next week James is visiting his old primary school to inspire the stories of the next generation.

Our Housing Aspirations Partners

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