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We believe that children and young people can only be what they can see, and the best time to inspire the next generation to fulfil their potential is now.

Welcome to the Raising Aspirations programme

Join primary schools across the UK that are creating opportunities for pupils to explore the world of work, build resilience and develop the skills they need for the future.

Our award-winning programme makes it easy for vibrant schools and busy teachers. It contains engaging activities and interactive resources that positively shape how pupils in year 5 or 6 see themselves, other people and the world around them.

You can also choose to attend our digital events with authors, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, scientists and more. Some schools host their own ‘careers carousel’ and our friendly team are available to support you during your programme journey.

Press play to see the impact of our programme with a ‘world class’ accredited primary school and Pearson silver award winner.

The Raising Aspirations programme in class
Play Video about The Raising Aspirations programme in class

We have already had so many glowing reviews from the forward-thinking schools we work with

Great Crosby Primary School
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“Oh my word the children are loving it!”
Northgate Primary School
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“The children have thrived and learned so much about the world of work!”
Hylton Castle Primary
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“It makes a difference when it’s real people talking about their real lives.”
Flakefleet Primary School
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“It’s fantastic and takes hardly any extra work and is a great opportunity to make a difference.”
Upperby Primary School
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“Pupils asked questions in order to find out at first hand the skills and knowledge they might need in order to prepare for particular careers.”
Heasandford Primary School
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“The graphics look brilliant! All of the children had heard about the Raising Aspirations programme and many of them knew about the programme because of older siblings.”

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