About us

Our mission

We’re Positive Footprints and we’ve been raising the aspirations of children and young people since 2012. Positive Footprints was set up to close the skills gap in the UK and open up the world of work.

Children as young as seven make career decisions based on people they know. They also begin to form stereotypical opinions around certain careers. For some children, this can have a huge impact on their future aspirations, and they rule out certain careers before leaving primary school. We’re here to change that.

We believe that everyone has the right to do what they love and should be given every opportunity to succeed, so we worked with government bodies, the education sector and industry and business leaders to produce careers-led learning programmes that enable children and young people to discover their potential, build resilience, develop employability skills and explore the world of work.

In addition to classroom-based learning, career carousel events bring businesses and schools together, opening up the world of work and making a real difference to the aspirations of young people.

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Part of The Regenda Group

Positive Footprints is part of The Regenda Group, a great quality, forward thinking regeneration business, providing homes, training and care and support to neighbourhoods across the North West. We share the same values as our parent company, and you can read more about them and our shared values by clicking below.

Our history

We’ve come a long way since 2012! Read about how we started and how we became the company we are today…

Meet the team

We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing team, so meet the people that make us brilliant…

Lesley Burrows

Managing Director
  • Mrs Positive
  • Passionate about helping young people
  • Loves to talk!
  • Loves a challenge

Josh Cliff

Partnerships/Programmes Manager
  • Positive thinker - bold, not bald
  • Curious about people and ageing
  • Pretend coffee connoisseur

Heather Bulcock

Delivery/Operations Manager
  • Little Miss Organised
  • Well stocked handbag
  • Small in stature, but not in determination
  • Obsessed with Mexican food

Jo Norwood

Customer Relationship Manager
  • Loves a to-do list
  • Could eat pizza every day
  • Enjoys live music
  • Likes fancy stationery

Jamie Etherington

Graphic/Web Designer
  • Loves to learn
  • The go-to guy, for anything technical
  • Loves anything geeky

Kate McLaughlin

Digital Marketing Apprentice
  • Crazy Cat Lady in the making
  • Loves Photography
  • Always writing little stories

Vickie Gotthardt

Accounts and Purchasing
  • Loves to travel
  • Does not love mess
  • Can’t resist Haribos

Michelle Parry

Project Support
  • Background in education, careers and admin
  • Country girl at heart
  • Believes there’s nothing better than a nap

Kathryn Woodfield

Production Co-ordinator
  • Always has a smile on her face
  • Dare devil at heart
  • Loves sport and very competitive!