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Raising Aspirations

Our primary school programme is all about raising aspirations and opening up the world of work. It shows children what careers are out there and the skills they’ll need to leave a positive footprint wherever they go in life.

It’s also about building their self-belief, their resilience, recognising their qualities and how they could be used in the workplace.

We call our award-winning primary school model the Raising Aspirations programme and it really does what it says…

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The Raising Aspirations programme

The Raising Aspirations programme is designed to give your children the skills they need to lead positive lives. It helps children to build resilience, increase confidence, engage with lessons, develop self-belief, develop employability skills, increase self-awareness, raise their aspirations and open up the world of work.

The Raising Aspirations programme materials

We developed the Raising Aspirations programme alongside a team of experienced primary school teachers, and it has been tested in classrooms across the UK. It’s really easy for teachers to deliver and exciting for children to work through.

Career Carousel events

As part of the Raising Aspirations programme, you’ll hold a Career Carousel event, where businesses come into your school and answer the (many) questions your children have. We’ve worked with some incredible companies, including Santander, The British Army, The Regenda Group, The Calico Group, UCLan, the NHS, the police force, My Dentist, the Royal Bank of Scotland, University Campus of Football Business and many more, who have shown children what careers are available and how their staff came to work there.

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What do you need to know

The programme is fully resourced and delivered by teachers in the classroom. There is no training required and it can be built into lesson plans when it suits you.

Easy to deliver

The Raising Aspirations programme gives you the ultimate flexibility in how you choose to deliver the modules in your classroom, to suit your lessons and pupils.

Plans and resources

We’ve done the planning so you don’t have to! You’ll receive lesson and resource plans and all the materials you need to deliver the programme. You can literally open your box of resources and start delivering!

Supports the national curriculum

It is fully aligned with and supports the delivery of the national curriculum, so you can easily link it to your lessons. Some teachers choose to extend the programme further, by integrating the themes into other curriculum areas.

Brilliant outcomes

Each of the three modules has an optional pre and post evaluation section, which is completed by pupils and details the outcomes. This will allow you to see the positive impact the programme has had on your children quickly and easily.

The Raising Aspirations programme has been designed to support the national curriculum, with obvious links with upper key stage 2 through language and literacy skills, oracy skills, music, listening skills and team work. Other key areas of development are recognising and understanding qualities, skills, talents and positive behaviours.

There are 12 lessons in the Raising Aspirations programme and each lesson takes one hour to deliver. As the programme is completely flexible, these can be delivered at a time to suit you and your class. We’ll provide recommendations on the best way to deliver the programme, so you and your class get the best results.

What do you get

You get absolutely everything you need to deliver the Raising Aspirations programme! Everything is labelled and comes with full instructions, so you can pick up your box of materials and start delivering the programme straight away. No training required! But if you do have any questions, our wonderful support team is at the end of the phone ready to help, so give us a call if you ever need us.

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Meet the Junctioneers

There are three main modules in the Raising Aspirations programme, all designed to raise aspirations (of course) and develop personal qualities and skills. The programme is supported by our Junctioneers, who help to embed key messages and bring the whole programme to life. Our Junctioneers are…

Image of Jamie the Junctioneer


He’s a brave, authentic kind of guy who likes to set people up to win but can make bold decisions when he needs to give direction to the team.

Image of Quentin the Junctioneer

Quentin Qualities

He encourages children to celebrate how valuable their individual qualities are.

Graphic of Sally the Junctioneer

Sally Skills

She’s there to help children identify their existing skills and the skills they’ll need to land their dream job.

Image of Ollie the Junctioneer

Ollie the Overcomer

He encourages children to use their skills and a positive attitude to overcome any challenges.

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