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Let's build financial foundations and start conversations about money with children and young people.
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Money plays an important role in our lives.
We need to talk about it.

Only 38% of children and young people recall learning about how to manage money at school. Amongst those who do almost all consider it to be useful.

Less than half of children and young people feel confident about managing money, despite 97% receiving it and paying for things online from aged 7.

Nearly all parents and carers feel it is important to help their children learn about money. Better saving behaviours are also found amongst children where money is openly discussed with them.

It’s why we developed Futures with children and young people.

The programme is a conversation starter. It contains a blend of physical and digital resources that teachers embed into their school with our support. Pupils have opportunities to:

  • Step into their aspirations and understand the role that money plays in their lives.
  • Recognise behaviours and choices that promote a sense of financial wellbeing.
  • Develop money management skills and explore the world of work.
“It encourages our pupils to see the big picture and understand the world around them. They are naturally curious and I enjoy hearing about the impact of the activities.”
J. Price, Headteacher
Monksdown Primary

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We partner with organisations who power our Futures programme for primary and secondary schools across the UK.

If you are a teacher, send us a message and let's talk.
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