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Positive Footprints champions community engagement and empowerment in support of homelessness

Positive Footprints has once again demonstrated our commitment to fostering strong connections within our network and with partner organisations to support causes for the greater good. We helped connect homelessness charity and fellow Regenda Group member, Petrus with Monksdown Primary School in Liverpool to host a ‘Sleep out to help out’ event, a transformative experience that not only raised an amazing £2,300 for charity but also deepened children’s understanding of homelessness and help breakdown unhelpful stereotypes about homeless people.

The event saw over 100 enthusiastic pupils from Monksdown Primary School spend a night at their school grounds on Friday, 8th March. This initiative was designed to educate students about the complexities of homelessness and encourage empathy and social action. The evening started with an insightful presentation by Petrus’ Marketing and Communications Officer, Corinne, who shared the impacts of homelessness through real stories and poems of those who have lived it. Her message resonated with the students, fostering a compassionate and understanding atmosphere.

Reflecting on the experience, Corinne shared, “Homelessness can be a scary subject for children but the children at Monksdown Primary School showed so much compassion! It was amazing to see how they had understood that homelessness could happen to anyone, and it didn’t mean someone was bad, lazy, or uneducated.

As part of the event, students engaged in various activities aimed at raising awareness and dispelling myths surrounding homelessness. They decorated bags with insightful messages and crafted cardboard shelters to sleep in, simulating the challenges faced by homeless individuals. This hands-on approach enriched the students’ learning experience, making the lessons both memorable and meaningful.

A highlight of the event was the pupils’ midnight walk around the playground, which brought home the realities of homelessness, especially during the colder months. One of the school pupils told us that they had an amazing time, and it was his first time sleeping out anywhere without family, so he was nervous. He is very proud of himself and very proud to be part of an amazing school that raises awareness and fundraises for such great causes.

Our Partnerships and Programmes Manager, Josh Cliff said, “I just want to say a huge thanks to the amazing teachers and volunteers who organised and helped at our first sleep out! We’re so proud to work with this amazing school.

Thank you to the collective efforts of the team at Monksdown Primary, its pupils, and the support from Petrus, the ‘Sleep out to help out’ event raised over £2,300, with proceeds going to both Petrus and Monksdown Primary School. This achievement is a testament to the local community’s generosity and the pupils dedication in engaging students in meaningful social action.

Positive Footprints is excited to extend this initiative to more schools within our network, aiming to inspire future generations to become proactive agents of change while learning more about the wider world. This event not only highlights the importance of community involvement in addressing critical social issues but also reinforces the role of education in empowering young minds to make a difference.

To support the ongoing efforts of Monksdown Primary School and contribute to their cause, donations can be made through their fundraising page: https://petruscommunity.enthuse.com/cf/petrus-sleep-out-to-help-out

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