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“I’m learning more than I ever did in college” – Tegan’s story

Our mission? To inspire young people today, to create a better tomorrow! Opening opportunities for young people to explore all kinds of careers, we love to see it happen right in front of us with our apprentice, Tegan.

When we first met Tegan over a year ago, she joined us for a work experience placement. Instantly connecting with the team, we didn’t want to see her go. Before her placement had finished, we were able to invite Tegan to join the team permanently – Starting her apprenticeship in Customer Service with The Learning Foundry. 

We’re delighted that Tegan is now a fully-fledged colleague of Positive Footprints, excelling in her role of administrative support, with only six months of her apprenticeship to go. We couldn’t be happier with her progress, and pleased that she is too:

“I started by apprenticeship in customer service in April last year. Over the past year, I have learnt something new every single day. 

It has been an amazing experience. Yes, it has been a challenge, for example learning to work independently, but it has always been amazing. 

 It was the Positive Footprints team who encouraged me to progress my career by enrolling in an apprenticeship with The Learning Foundry, and I’m really glad they did. My apprenticeship has helped me to build confidence in a professional environment, and as a person too! With this boosted confidence, I have been able to develop good working relationships with my colleagues and make genuine friendships as well. 

I am learning more today than I ever have in college. In college I felt like I never learned anything new, but with Positive Footprints I am learning something different every day. 

I love my role at the moment, it’s great to be learning and still feel like I am part of a strong team. 

My colleagues say that I am very creative, honest and organised – even good at working on my own. 

In the future, I know that I will live an independent, successful life. I’d even like to do more training to help me reach the next steps in my career. 

I want to say thank you to my team, even though I say ‘thank you’ to them every single day.”            

Tegan Mulby

We’re so proud of your progress, Tegan, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!

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