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Our award-winning school programme comes to counties across the East Coast

We’ve been opening up the world of work for children for more than 10 years, winning numerous awards along the way and turning one intrepid 11 year old into the CEO of a multi-million-pound company for the day! 


We’re exicted to bring our Raising Aspirations Programme to schools in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Norfolk, thanks to funding from Ørsted’s East Coast Skills Fund. 


Michelle Parry, Project Lead at Positive Footprints, said: “Children rule out certain careers before they leave primary school. We’re big believers in the fact that you can only be what you can see, so we bring businesses and schools together to show children the amazing professions that are out there.  

But that’s just part of it. Our programme helps children to identify their qualities, and the skills they may need later in life.” 


Ørsted has used their skills fund to deliver the Raising Aspirations Programme to schools across the East Coast, allowing children to discover their potential.  


Imran Nawaz, Ørsteds Senior Stakeholder Advisor and Community Benefit Fund Manager, said: “We are delighted to have awarded over £1 million to causes that help people realise their potential. STEM careers are pivotal to organisations in the renewables sector, and we want to do all we can to support people with those interests to develop this specialist set of skills.” 


As part of our programme, pupils take part in ‘Career Conversations’, speaking to career professionals about their career path and asking questions about their industry. Some of our recent Career Conversations have included doctors, a zookeeper, an author, a beanbag designer, an astronaut applicant and a DJ. 

To find out more or to book a call with our team, visit: 

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