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Positive Footprints champions community engagement and empowerment in support of homelessness

Sleep out to help out event, image of two young pupils drawing on a Petrus canvas bag to make it look prettier

Positive Footprints has once again demonstrated our commitment to fostering strong connections within our network and with partner organisations to support causes for the greater good. We helped connect homelessness charity and fellow Regenda Group member, Petrus with Monksdown Primary School in Liverpool to host a ‘Sleep out to help out’ event, a transformative experience […]

My Apprenticeship Journey

Photo of Kate

Hello everyone! I’m Kate, the marketing apprentice here at Positive Footprints. Seeing as this week is National Apprenticeship Week, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to properly introduce myself and tell you all about my apprenticeship journey so far!  The Beginning of my Apprenticeship Journey All journeys have a beginning. Mine happens to […]

Was The Greatest Showman’s Success Always Written In The Stars?

Write Your Stars

You know the movie, you’ve sung the songs but did you know that The Greatest Showman didn’t have the best start when it was released? Critical Critics The Telegraph awarded the movie two stars and described it as “being completely and utterly bibbly bibbly quack-quack insane”. The Evening Standard described the movie as being “a load of big […]

Helping to inspire a future photographer

photo of a children from the Raising Aspirations programme taking photos of the Career Carousel event

The Career Carousel is one part of the Raising Aspirations programme, it aims to get businesses and education together to inspire children and show what possible career paths they could take. This is one story from a Career Carousel, which demonstrates the importance of it. “I was commissioned by Positive Footprints to photograph the Careers […]

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