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Shaping Brighter Futures: Celebrating Our Impact at Housing23

We are thrilled to share the remarkable success of Positive Footprints at CIH’s Housing23, Europe’s largest housing festival! The event was a resounding triumph with our keynote session serving as a significant milestone for us and our partners, highlighting the positive impact our network has made on 11,000 children and young people across 300 schools this year alone. This couldn’t have been achieved without the dedicated efforts of our 26 partner organisations, all committed to shaping brighter futures.

During our keynote, we proudly showcased the transformative influence of our work, reinforced by the incredible contributions of our young champions from Monksdown Primary School. These students represented the voices of children and young people within our network, sharing their dreams, aspirations, and the support they need to shine brightly in their future careers. Witnessing their insights reminded us of the significance of our mission and the power of providing platforms for young voices to be heard.

Lesley Burrows, our Managing Director, was astounded by the pupil’s performance,

“It is truly inspiring to witness the power of young voices and the impact they can have.”

Watch the inspiring Positive News show and the heartwarming performance of This Little Light of Mine by the pupils of Monksdown in this short video:

To ensure the children’s messages resonated with the audience, we were joined by guests: Gaby Hinsliff, a respected Guardian columnist and commentator, and Claire Griffiths, Chief Executive of Cobalt Housing, one of our valued long-standing housing partners. Together, they shed light on the pivotal role housing associations play in developing partnerships with schools to raise aspirations and pave the way for the next generation’s success in the world of work.

Lesley Burrows, our Managing Director, beautifully captured the significance of the event, stating:

“I firmly believe that children are the future leaders and change-makers we need, but they can only be what they can see. By providing them with platforms to express themselves, we can open up a world of possibilities and ensure they are aware of the variety of careers available in their futures. The collaboration between our partners, like housing associations, and schools in our network has enabled us to raise the aspirations of 11,000 young people and ignite the spark within young minds, but there’s more to do.”

Claire Griffiths, CEO of Cobalt Housing added:

We have worked with Positive Footprints for over 4 years and over that time have come to realise the valuable role that Housing providers like us have to play in developing partnerships with schools to help pave the way for the next generation’s success in work and hopefully our sector. We are proud of what the children of Monksdown Primary have achieved, not just on the stage here at Housing23, but in seeing their self-confidence and ambition grow throughout the aspirations programme.” 

If you’d like to witness this incredible impact first-hand, watch our full Housing 2023 Keynote:

Children and young people need your help to shine! 💡

The best time to positively impact the next generation of change-makers and problem-solvers is now. Join our network of partners that are raising aspirations, opening up the world of work and building financial foundations across their communities.

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