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Summer Half-Term Network Update

A huge congratulations to all our pupils and teachers who have completed SATs.  We understand it’s a challenging period, and it can often feel like the pressure is building. The Hub of Hope is a fantastic resource for support, with over 9,000 local, regional, grassroots and national services listed. It’s the UK’s go-to mental health support signposting tool.

Our Impact

As summer approaches, we’re thrilled to see so many business volunteers engaging with our schools and sharing their stories. We love hearing about these experiences, so please do share them with us!

Manor Beach Primary School hosted an exceptional careers event. Connie, a pupil at the school, made us chuckle with her surprising revelations about the world of work. Watch the video below to find out more.

School Spotlight

Grove Street Primary School is collaborating with the Regenda Group as part of a regeneration project that will bring over 70 new affordable homes to New Ferry, Wirral. Grove Street’s pupils shone brightly as they joined representatives from Wirral Council and Homes England during the launch event.

Spotlight image - showing a group of workers and young people in front looking over a building development plan on a table

The pupils are participating in projects to name some of the new buildings, with an exciting site visit planned to learn more about the built environment.

Teacher Tip: Is there any construction activity happening near you? Reach out to the companies involved— They’ll likely have social value commitments and often get involved with local schools with insightful experiences.

This Little Light

Congratulations to Beau, a Year Six pupil at Crosshall Junior School! Beau dreams of becoming a Palaeontologist. Thanks to Mr. Murphy, she and her classmates recently joined our Career Conversation with two Palaeontologists. Beau was inspired by the talk and created a jigsaw piece about it, now proudly displayed on the school’s ‘Future Me’ wall.

School display board featuring pupils hand drawn jigsaw pieces representing their dream jobs. Featured is a pupils drawings of various dinosaurs and fossils with annotations, as this pupil wishes to be a palaeontologist.

During the Easter Break, Beau visited the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences in Cambridge and is about to receive her Year Six ‘Gold Future Me’ Award at Crosshall.

Brilliant Festival

Mark your calendars for October 15th at Liverpool’s Exhibition Centre. The Brilliant Festival will explore how education, creativity, and technology can prepare children and young people for the evolving world they live and work in. It’s free for educators – we can’t wait!

Find out more: https://www.brilliantfestival.com

Upcoming Career Conversations

Our career Conversations are designed to create lightbulb moments for children and young people. They open up the world of work through live-streamed events, beaming inspirational people into classrooms to share real stories.

Joining our Career Conversations next term, we’ll hear from Food Campaigner, Max, who’ll share how he leads a food brand dedicated to combating food insecurity through sustainable practices. Lee, a Sports Data Scientist, Strategist and Entrepreneur will also be joining us to share how he helps football clubs at all levels to win more sustainably.

To learn more about Career Conversations, visit: https://www.positivefootprints.co.uk/career-conversations/

We look forward to sharing more lightbulb moments and celebrating shaping brighter futures next term.

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