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Watch: Regenda Homes and Flakefleet Primary on Inspiring Children

Listen to the inspiring stories from our partners at the Housing Management Network Annual Conference 2021.

“If you’re from a low-income family as a youngster, you’re a third more likely to be NEET (not in employment, education or training) by the time you’re 16. We wanted to be part of the solution… we started to look for a partner to help us realise that dream and we came across this brilliant business called Positive Footprints.”
Steve Newsham, Regenda Regional Director of Regenda Homes

“We need a different solution. We need to show our kids that anything is possible and it starts with that small step… if we bring everyone together with the contacts we have then we can make a difference!”
Dave McPartlin, Flakefleet Primary School

Hear for yourself the impact Positive Footprints is making with our Raising Aspirations programme from the people who make it happen. 


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