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How Positive Footprints Helped Me Kickstart My Career

When I joined Positive Footprints as a Kickstarter, I thought I had a rough idea about what I would be doing and what kind of environment I would be working in, but I was wrong.  

My name is Amir and I joined Positive Footprints as a Kickstarter apprentice six months ago and has been a great learning experience.  

It’s amazing how different people with various personalities can still work professionally as a team while still being able to have jokes and bring a cheerful atmosphere to the workplace. Working at PF didn’t really feel like working, it was just doing good deed with your friends. It sounds weird, but that’s what it felt like and before I knew it 6 months passed me by.  

I’ve learnt a large variety of new skills, worked with different people in the team and the experience I’ve gained will help me in my future endeavours.  

The biggest gains working at PF for me is that I now know what kind of career I want to get into as well as the reassurance that people can go through many different jobs in their lives before they find one that is right for them. Also learning that different jobs will be right for different people at different times in their lives. 

The people at PF have been very supportive both within and outside the workplace. Though my time here was short, I can say without a doubt they all care about one another and treat each other like family. They have inspired me and given me great advice regarding what I can do after my time at PF.  

What I liked most working here would be how open and honest the team are. I think that’s why they work so well together. I’m not sure if it’s the same in other workplaces but I think this is how a team should be. 

Positive Footprints have given me a new perspective that I wouldn’t have without my Kickstarter apprenticeship and I’m going to miss it. My most memorable moment at PF would be seeing a member of staff, Jamie, in a dress. That certainly livened the office up!  

Overall, working here has been a great joy and not just because of the people I’m working with but because of what PF do. The people here genuinely care for the work and put a lot of effort into it. I’ve seen this time and time again during my placement here and it’s shown me a job can mean more than just making a living.  

Thanks for everything, I’m off to find my career! 

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