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Young, Autistic and Independent – Meet Tegan | National Apprentice Week 2022

What is it like being a young, independent, autistic and disabled woman?

I am there for the people I care for, showing my sincere empathy to those who struggle, to those who need guidance and to those who just need to talk.

I’m there for others to understand how they can support me along with me supporting them.

This picture right here is me, Tegan Mulby, and I am writing to you all to tell you how amazing I am.

I want everyone to look and say “Wow, she can do it!” not just to me, but to every person who has autism or a learning difficulty, that they too can work independently. All they need is guidance and support.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my family and friends, play board games, cards games and video games.

I show my compassion and creativity by using my initiative to be open, honest and sharing ideas to the people around me.

I am an intern from DFN Project SEARCH which is based in The Calico Group and this is my second year in which I am developing my working skills then I’ll start looking for a job that is suitable for me.

During the DFN Project SEARCH programme I have been learning about GDPR, taking a survey call to customers, data entry, critiquing the Calico website, payslip, HSE and risk assessments. This experience has really helped me understand more about the working world and office environment.

I find myself here at Positive Footprints because my tutor got in contact with the managing director, Lesley Burrows, who used to work at Calico. Lesley agreed to taking me in for work placement for 12 weeks. So far, I am doing an amazing job! (If I do say so myself.)

It’s great to be part of a team that lives by their values. Positive Footprints really do want to give young people opportunities to thrive in the working world. That’s exactly why I’m here!

I have been using teams to contact employers, updating the live conversations, inputting data, using Monday.com, shredding GDPR correctly, using Outlook and setting an automatic reply if I am out of the office – basically, lots of my IT skills.

My aim is to get as many skills as I can to become the best professional admin possible or anything to do with a senior position job because after all, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

My time at Positive Footprints has been fascinating, tremendous, and unique. I have settled in very well and I am looking forward to doing more work with the team.

Like every apprentice, I’m here to learn and I’m here to help!

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