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Make a ‘positive’ difference in 2024

It’s the start of a new year – A lot of us are all thinking about how we’d like to develop and give back through work – don’t worry we’ve got your back!!

Why not get involved in supporting our Raising Aspirations programme?
Our programmes support schools to help kids learn more about careers.

🗣️Do a career conversation – share an insight into your job. It can be online or in person – we’ve had everything from zoo keepers to graphic designers! We can’t wait to here about what you do!!

🎠 Take part in a career carousel – Get involved with other local employers to increase young people’s knowledge of the career opportunities out there, engage your future workforce!

🤝 Become an Aspirations Partner – fund a careers programme in your local primary school, and help to inspire change within communities.

Find out more about our programmes from the teachers and pupils that love them, and make a difference in 2024 with the team at Positive Footprints… Together we will do something brilliant!

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