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Partnership will raise the aspirations of more than 100 children!

We’re delighted to partner with Liverpool-based Eldonian Community Based Housing Association, who are investing in their local community by opening up the world of work for more than 100 children over the next two years.

The housing association has provided funding for The Trinity School to receive our award-winning Raising Aspirations programme, which aims to develop employability skills and enable self-discovery. The Raising Aspirations programme is delivered in schools across the UK. It is often funded by businesses using their corporate social responsibility budgets to make a difference to the neighbourhoods they operate in.

Pupils at The Trinity School will discover their skills and qualities, build resilience, confidence and meet different businesses to open up the world of work.

Lesley Burrows, Managing Director at Positive Footprints said: “It’s more important now than ever to be investing in the future of our children, and we’re delighted to welcome Eldonian Community Based Housing Association as one our fantastic Aspirations Partners. While programme delivery can’t start just yet, they’re truly investing in the future of the area. We’re so excited for the fantastic opportunities this will bring to the children and we’re working hard on activities for the children to get involved in from home.”

George Evans, Chief Executive at Eldonian Community Based Housing Association said: “The Eldonians have a proud history of working in partnership with others to improve our neighbourhood and the wellbeing of the community. We are therefore delighted to be in partnership with Positive Footprints to support our local primary school, The Trinity, and their pupils. This project aims to raise aspirations and help children from our community to develop the skills they need for a bright future.”

Headteacher, Rebecca Flynn, says: “This partnership is a great opportunity to raise aspirations and supports our vision for the school. By opening up the world of work and supporting our children to recognise their qualities and skills, we can create a picture for the future that’s filled with ambition and self-belief. The teachers are really excited about it and so am I.”

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