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Springing Forward: Our Latest Milestones and Inspirations

As the Spring Term unfolds, we are thrilled to welcome a further 872 young people to our Network who have begun their adventures in self-discovery, resilience building and the world of work. We can’t wait to create lightbulb moments!

Before diving into their new adventures, we listened to the voices of our future leaders. Their words reflect a blend of hope, curiosity, and the budding desire to make a difference in the world.

One eager participant shared, “I’m looking forward to seeing the job carousel as I would like to explore other jobs as well as learn about the one I want to be in the future!” This echoes the essence of our mission: to shape brighter futures for children and young people.

Another Pupil expressed, “I love hedgehogs and in my spare time I want to take care of the sick unhealthy animals.” This kind of passion reminds us of the diverse interests and compassionate instincts our programs aim to nurture.

Highlighting the term’s achievements, we recently hosted our largest live-streamed Career Conversation to date, captivating 2,633 children and young people across 45 schools. The event featured Nick, a former RAF pilot turned instructor in Kuwait, who shared his exhilarating journey and insights into the world of aviation. This remarkable interaction opened up skies of aspiration and inspiration, showcasing the vast landscapes of career possibilities.

Our networked schools have been at the forefront of innovation and change, creating impact beyond the classroom. Flakefleet Primary School has recently introduced the Strive Coffee Shop, a delightful hub for community engagement. This initiative serves aromatic brews while also fostering a vibrant space for ideas and memories to flourish.

Monksdown Primary School are leading a courageous campaign to ensure every child has the essentials for learning and thriving. Their compelling interviews and videos have not only inspired us but have also highlighted the power of young voices in driving societal change.

As we look ahead, National Careers Week is coming up on 4th – 9th March 2024, which promises a flurry of activities and Career Carousels across our schools. This week-long celebration is a cornerstone of our commitment to enriching the educational landscape with meaningful career exploration.

For those eager to dive deeper into our Career Conversations or to learn more about how you can join our network to shape brighter futures, please visit: www.positivefootprints.co.uk/contact-us/

Positive Footprints continues to pave the way for a bright future where every child and young person can pursue their dreams with confidence and curiosity. Join us on this journey of discovery, aspiration, and empowerment.

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